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1474 – Slaying Star Monarchs

The Land of Chaos is an unregulated territory located between the state of Zhao, the state of Wei, and the star devil clan.

Many fugitives, bandits, and criminals who can’t stay in the two states go to the Land of Chaos and struggle to survive here.

“Big brother, a big fat sheep is coming!”

A mounted bandit reported to a mounted bandit leader.

“A big fat sheep, great! Let’s butcher this fat sheep to celebrate the New Year!”

The eyes of the Star Master realm mounted bandit leader lit up, and he rushed towards the main road together with dozens of mounted bandits.

“A fat sheep your ass! This is a fierce dragon!”

The mounted bandit leader just led dozens of mounted bandits to the main road, when his hands and feet turned cold.

On the main road, there is a huge convoy of vehicles extending for several kilometers, guarded by hundreds of heavily armed warriors.

The dozens of mounted bandits can be regarded as elites.

For them, dealing with a caravan with hundreds of guards isn’t a problem.

But when the mounted bandit leader saw the guards, he had an indistinct premonition.

“Xingyi! Go and catch them! Kill anyone who resists!”

Yang Feng’s calm voice transmitted from a luxurious carriage.

“Yes! Lord!”

The eyes of a burly warrior flashed coldly, and he broke out with Star Venerable realm fluctuations of power, turned into a ray of starlight, and shot towards the dozens of mounted bandits.

Xingyi is a former Star Elder realm powerhouse who was dispatched to assassinate Yang Feng.

After he submitted to Yang Feng, he was bestowed the Tianbao Star and has advanced to the Star Venerable realm.

“Surrender! I surrender!”

The mounted bandit leader was stunned.

He dismounted his horse, knelt on the ground, and pleaded loudly, trembling all over.

A Star Venerable realm powerhouse can establish a sect as well as wipe out an elite army like the Star Snake Camp.

If the mounted bandit leader resists, only death will await him.

Xingyi waved his hand, and specks of starlight gathered in the void and turned into chains of starlight that swept the mounted bandits and knocked them down from their horses.

Once the mounted bandits resist, the chains of starlight will crush them.

After the mounted bandits were easily deal with, they were dragged to the rear to receive training.

Xingyi commanded a team of 100 people to sweep all the mounted bandits and mountain camps in front of the convoy.

The mounted bandits were conscripted and received training, while their supplies were plundered.

When Yang Feng entered the Land of Chaos, he was like a dragon that swept away all the darkness in his way.

Meanwhile his forces grew like a snowball.

The City of Chaos is located in the center of the Land of Chaos and is the only place with order in this land full of murder, conspiracies, and betrayal.

Once anyone enters the City of Chaos, he must abide by the laws of the city, or he will be killed and hung in the forest of corpses outside the city.

Since it is at the junction of the three forces, the City of Chaos has specialty products of the three forces.

The streets of the city are lined with many shops, painting a bustling picture.

The City of Chaos, in the city lord’s manor.

Mo Tianfeng, the city lord of the City of Chaos, said slowly, a gloomily expression on his face: “Li Zhen, the seventh prince of the state of Zhao, is approaching! He is trying to annex my City of Chaos!”

Yang Feng led the army under his command, swept away anyone standing in his way, recruited the defeated troops, and expanded his forces.

The number of soldiers under his command has already exceeded 2,000.

In order to support such a large army, Yang Feng has to take down the City of Chaos.

A four-meter-tall star devil with an elephant head and humanoid body, covered with countless star patterns smiled coldly and said: “Although the seventh prince of the state of Zhao is an innate human emperor, but he just awakened.

As a Spirit Monarch, if city lord Mo takes action, you will naturally be able to suppress him.”

Mo Tianfeng replied: “Li Zhen is an innate human emperor and possesses incredible power! Star Elephant Monarch, please help me kill him.”

Star Elephant Monarch smiled coldly and said, “What will I gain if I help you kill him”

Mo Tianfeng smiled and said: “He is a innate human emperor.

Once he matures, he will surely become invincible in the world.

He’ll be able to unify the three states.

At that time, when he ascends the Star Emperor throne, he will launch an attack on the star devil and the star beast clans! Can your two clans withstand the offensive of an innate human emperor”

In the ancient times, the star devil and star beast clans had many powerhouses, including Star Holies and Star Emperors.

After the birth of the seven human emperors, the human clan fought with the star devil and star beast clans continuously.

In the end, the star devil and the star beast clans were driven to the wilderness.

If it were not for the birth of the seven human emperors, the star devil and star beast clans would have wiped out the human clan already.

Now that the human clan has produced an eighth human emperor, this naturally aroused the murderous intent of the star devil and star beast clans.

Star Elephant Monarch was silent for a while before saying flatly, “I can help you kill him.

However, after we kill him, I want 30% of the City of Chaos’s profits.”

The tax revenue of the City of Chaos constitutes a tremendous wealth.

However, it is being monopolized by Mo Tianfeng.

For Star Elephant Monarch, 30% of the City of Chaos’s tax revenue is a huge fortune.

Mo Tianfeng’s complexion changed several times.

He pondered for a long time, an then replied firmly, “Deal!”

At this time guard ran in helter-skelter and shouted: “City lord! This is bad! The city has been breached! The city has been breached by the seventh prince of the Zhao state!”

“What about the Demonslayer Army”

Mo Tianfeng’s eyes flashed with surprise and anger, and he shouted sternly.

The Demonslayer Army is an elite army in the City of Chaos and is commanded by three Star Eternal realm powerhouses.

Once the Demonslayer Army deploys it’s array, it can slay even a Star Monarch realm powerhouse.

The guard shouted, his face deathly pale, “The Demonslayer Army has been defeated! The three commanders have fallen!”

“Innate human emperor! Damn innate human emperor! I’m going to kill you! Star Elephant Monarch, please give me a hand!”

When Mo Tianfeng heard the news, his eyes widened from anger, and he roared.

Star Elephant Monarch’s eyes shimmered with frigid killing intent, “Fine! This guy must not be left alive!” 

When Mo Tianfeng and Star Elephant Monarch left the city lord’s mansion, they saw a 100-meter-long star snake destroying everything in its way.

Below the star snake, there are 2,000 soldiers emanating unswerving aura.

Among the group of people, there is a 30-meter-long star turtle.

On the back of the star turtle, there is a pearl litter with a person sitting inside it.

That person is Yang Feng.

One-Eyed Demon Venerable is standing behind Yang Feng like a loyal old servant.

“Li Zhen, this is my City of Chaos.

You have come to my City of Chaos and committed murder for no reason! This is a crime punishable by death!”

Mo Tianfeng’s eyes flashed fiercely.

He surged with starlight, bellowed, and turned into a 100-meter-long Star Flood Dragon Monarch emanating endless star force.

“Innate human emperor, you have to die! In this world, there is no need for an innate human emperor! Your crime is being born as an innate human emperor!”

With a ferocious flicker in his eyes, Star Elephant Monarch roared, surged with countless rays of starlight, and turned into a 100-meter-tall star elephant surrounded by infinite starlight.

The Star Flood Dragon Monarch and Star Elephant Monarch surged with endless starlight and rushed towards Yang Feng.

The Star Flood Dragon Monarch surged with endless starlight and engaged the star snake.

The Star Elephant Monarch tore through the sky, appeared above Yang Feng, and stomped with his foot at Yang Feng.

Countless rays of starlight swirled and formed a cage of starlight that firmly locked Yang Feng inside, making it so he has nowhere to escape.

“Seeking death! Wuqu Star, come out!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly.

Along with flashes of starlight, the Wuqu Star’s starlight dropped down from the sky and condensed into a sword of starlight in Yang Feng’s hand.

Yang Feng swung the sword of starlight, and a terrifying sword ray tore the space and slashed the Star Elephant Monarch.

Endless starlight splashed as the Star Elephant Monarch was sliced in two by the sword ray and fell from the sky.

Mo Tianfeng was stupefied, unable to believe his eyes: “Died! Star Elephant Monarch died just like that! How come this innate human emperor is so dreadful”

Yang Feng is only a pinnacle stage Star Venerable realm powerhouse, yet he slayed a Star Monarch realm powerhouse like Star Elephant Monarch with a single sword strike.

This made Mo Tianfeng feel cold all over, as if he has fallen into an ice cave.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and the sword of starlight in his hand flew into the star snake.

The star snake absorbed the Wuqu Star’s starlight that formed the sword of starlight, and its strength suddenly soared.

It opened its mouth and swallowed Mo Tianfeng.

A terrifying whirlpool of starlight emerged inside the star snake, swept towards Mon Tianfeng’s incarnation of a Star Flood Dragon Monarch, and crushed him into pieces.

“The city lord has fallen!”

“Star Elephant Monarch has fallen!”

“That’s an innate human emperor!”

“That’s a human emperor! Surrender!”


After seeing Mo Tianfeng and Star Elephant Monarch die, the powerhouses of the City of Chaos lost the will to fight and surrendered one after another.

Yang Feng’s army entered the City of Chaos and took control of the whole city.

“The treasures of the City of Chaos are pretty amazing! They can let me advance again!”

There are many precious resources collected from Mo Tianfeng’s treasury placed on a square.

Yang Feng looked at those resources with a satisfied smile.

“Wenqu Star, Ziwei Star, come out!”

Yang Feng pointed with a hand, and two rays of starlight entered the sky.

The Wenqu Star and the Ziwei Star emerged directly, and rays of starlight swept the precious resources and turned them into countless specks of starlight that entered Yang Feng’s body.

After absorbing the specks of starlight, Yang Feng’s aura rose steadily.

He broke through the bottleneck at one stroke and directly advanced to a Star Monarch realm powerhouse.

The City of Chaos is located at the junction of the state of Zhao, the state of Wei, and the star devil clan and is rich in resources.

It is a famous city in the World of Stars.

After the news that the City of Chaos was captured by Yang Feng spread, the whole World of Stars was shocked.


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