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However, after speaking so much about Sang Mo with the King and now that Di Jingxuan learned he was the reason why Sang Mo was killed, Di Jingxuan captured his entire family.


How could he allow this to happen

Those were his descendants!

He would fight anyone who threatened the safety of his family even if only one of them was in danger!

“No! Your Highness! Please do not do this to my family! They are innocent!”

Knowing how he would not be able to get away with it, the butler screamed, “I was the one who committed mistakes! I should be the one who gets punished! I know my mistakes now! Please…..I know that you will never let me get away with it! If you want someone to pay for it, please just come after me.

My family knows nothing about it! They have nothing to do with it!!!”

“But, they are living a great life because of what you gave them, arent they Why is it that after you killed my parents, they are allowed to live a happy life Your family didnt have to die, but you were the one who talked sh*t to Di Zhong which took away her life! My mother is the most important person in my life.

She was the one who gave me life!! However, you lowly dog! A servant! You were the one who persuaded him to kill my mother! Do you know what I have planned for them”

The butler got so scared that he was about to pee in his pants.

He had a smooth sailing life.

Ever since he entered the palace he had never suffered a day because of how witty he was.

He always lived a prosperous and respectable life!


This was the first time that there were others calling him a lowly dog breed and a servant.


However, seeing how desperate his family was, the butler didnt dare say anything else.

He got on his knees and said, “Your Highness, please! I was wrong! I am nothing but rubbish! I have been talking sh*t! I deserve to die! Please just spare my family!!”

“Huh” Di Jingxuan lay back and leaned against his bed.

His voice was cold, and it sent chills down his spine.

“I already said that I will either ignore my enemies or they will never be given a chance to live.

For all these years, I dont think that you are not aware of how Di Jingchen and Di Jingan have been trying to kill me.

Hasnt their failure proved something to you

“Once youre dead, the males in your family will be thrown to Africa as slaves.

As for the females, they are worthless to me.”

When the women thought that there was still hope, Di Jingxuan said instead, “They will be auctioned off in the underground market.”

These two were enough to scare those who were involved—even Di Zhong was shocked.


This was cruel.

“You! This is illegal!”

Di Jingxuan laughed, “Why do you think Im doing this on the open seas The auction will also be conducted here.

They will have to pray for their own futures.”


What future

The auction on the open seas was the most gruesome and scariest one in the Secret Web! All of them would be at the auction with a mask on.

These people were either psychopaths, or there had to be something wrong with them.

They would end up killing a woman within three days.

When these men got off the boats, most of these women would have been killed.

As for those who didnt get bought, they would be kept inside like animals.

They would not be fed and would soon starve to death.

The butlers body started trembling intensely.

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